Why bet on hockey?

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Hockey is a sport that is common in Canada. This may allow you to bet on much higher odds than on more popular sports in other countries such as football or tennis. Indeed, due to the smaller number of bettors, the odds can be higher.

Also, hockey is considered to be one of the fastest team sports around. There is no time to get bored watching a hockey game as there are so many chances to score and so many twists and turns on the field.

What you need to know about betting on hockey

For your information, ice hockey is played with 2 teams of 6 players on the field. The teams play each other for 3 periods of 20 minutes. The winner is, of course, the team that scores the most goals.

The most famous championship is undoubtedly the one involving the best North American teams: the NHL. This competition occupies media space all over the world. It is very easy to find a bookmaker that offers betting on the NHL. At the level below, we can find the AHL which serves as a reservoir for the NHL. At the Eurasian level, the KHL dominates the news.

On the other hand, at the international level, the World Championship (which takes place every year between April and May) and the Olympic Games (which take place every 4 years) are the best for the national selections.

Hockey betting tips

Before betting on ice hockey, you need to know a few rules to be sure to win! Once you’ve learned them, you can use our tips to fill your wallets.

Use live betting with player ejections.

In hockey, ejections are quite common during games and can be a detrimental factor for the teams that suffer them due to the low number of players on the ice. So, with live betting, you can bet on the facts of the game that will come into play because of these players being sent off. The face of the game can change and the odds can change.

Analyse the form of the players

For example, in hockey, goalkeepers have a very important role as they are the only ones who can stop a number of shots that can be very significant in a game. So consider monitoring the form of these key players and their success rate in making saves. Goalkeeper statistics are a key factor in determining the potential score!

Watch the teams’ previous games

An ice hockey championship is special in that teams have a very busy schedule over a short period of time. Thus, the law of series seems to be more visible in this sport! Therefore, take into account the form of the teams to know the outcome of a future ice hockey match. The losses can accumulate, as well as the victories, the difficulty lies in finding the moment when the series will end! So, some of the best hockey competitions on the planet can give you a thrill and win your bets. As you may have gathered, it’s high time to bet on the hockey players!