Hockey Betting

Ice hockey is a demanding sport that requires great concentration and offers many online betting opportunities. It is a sport that combines team strategy and individual skills to win a match. Ice hockey’s fast pace and violent contact make it a must-have entertainment. Ice hockey has quickly become one of the most popular sports on all sports betting sites, with unlimited mobile access and exclusive odds.

How to Bet on Hockey

Hockey in Canada is a sport that professional bettors look at carefully because there are so many opportunities to increase winning chances. There are many leagues, and some of them have a busy schedule. That’s why you’ll always find an ice hockey game any day of the week! To help you make the right choices and bet the right way, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about betting on hockey in this guide.

The golden rule of hockey betting: choose a good bookmaker

No, not all online sportsbooks are the same. On the contrary, it is very important to take time to look at the different bookmakers and see what they have to offer. Nevertheless, the number of sport betting operators has tended to explode in Canada in recent years and even more.

Research available games

Analyze the schedule of each team: the pace of NHL games is particularly high and teams have to play several games per week. It is therefore natural for teams to prioritize certain games over others and this is something you should analyze for your picks.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of each team: to make your predictions. It is essential that you have an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each team in a league. This knowledge will guide you in the type of sports betting to choose afterward.

Check the infirmary: The NHL’s busy schedule means that some players are rested or injured. While hockey allows for a high number of changes, betting on a team that has one or more major players out would be a big mistake.


Find the best NHL odds

It is recommended that you only bet on the biggest competitions to maximize your chances of winning money with your hockey bets. This way, you will not only be able to bet on a large number of games, but also have a wide range of different types of bets. It will also make it easier for you to learn about the sport as a whole as you will be watching the best matches. Here are the competitions that our hockey experts focus on:

The National Hockey League: This league is the biggest and best competition in the world of hockey. It is based on the American sports system where franchises are divided into conferences and divisions. There are 30 of them, and they must perform well in the regular season to qualify for the playoffs and have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. With 82 regular-season games as well as numerous playoff games, you can make a lot of NHL predictions.

World Hockey Championships: This competition may not bring together the best players in the world as they play the NHL play-offs, but the World Championships have the merit of bringing together all the biggest ice hockey nations in the world in one event. It is very interesting to place sports bets on this world hockey championship as there is a lot at stake. The best teams fight for the final victory and the worst teams fight to avoid being relegated to the lower group.

Log in/Sign up for a sportsbook in your area 

Once you have chosen your sports betting site, click on the “sign up” button that appears on the home page of any site. This step is essential and will only take a few minutes. Fill in the form with the requested information (name, surname, e-mail address, etc).

Make your bet

Next to each bet hypothesis, an odds is attributed. Click on the odds you wish to bet on and the bet will automatically be placed in your basket. So, in your basket, you can enter the amount you wish to allocate to your bet. Once you click on “Submit”, this money will be deducted from your player account. If you win, your winnings will be transferred directly to your player account as well.

Hockey Betting Odds

Ice hockey is a sport with its own specificities. As a bettor, you must therefore adopt the right reflexes from the start, especially when we are speaking about hockey betting odds, if you intend to bet regularly on this sport!

Expert Picks

In ice hockey, every game has its own truth. To be successful in your sports betting, you will need to know what is at stake in the match. Discover everything about hockey betting Canada. Check the overall standings, the importance of the match (pre-season, regular season, playoffs etc.), the location of the match, and the last meetings between the two teams.

Of course, you need to know the form of the main players. The goalkeeper, for example, plays an important role in ice hockey. In general, you should check recent results, individual statistics, transfers, suspended or injured players, and the overall context of the match. Seasons are tough, with more than 80 games played per team, which can have an impact on the players’ form.


Best Sportsbook Bonuses


As a major advantage to attract new players, sports betting bonuses have been developed by various bookmakers. And this is what makes it so interesting for you. Because of the growing competition on the market, the Canadian operators have had to come up with real exclusive offers to stand out and tip the balance in their favour. By signing up more and more, you can benefit from a multitude of offers, such as a refunded bet if you lose or a doubled amount on your first deposit.

Today’s NHL odds


Many competitions are organized throughout the season, so you have plenty of choices for your sports betting! However, we advise you to favour the competitions that you follow on a daily basis. Preferably, it is even better to focus on the major events of the calendar not to doubt the players’ motivation: NHL, Champions League, World Championship, and World Cup.

Most Common Hockey Betting Types

Discover some useful advice so that you can put all the chances on your side when betting on ice hockey! In this way, you will be able to adopt the right reflexes from your first bets on this discipline.

It is important to pay attention to the fitness of the players and the schedule. As in the NBA, NHL teams have to play each other several times, which is why it is important to look at the match history. The density of games during a season affects the morale, exhaustion, and physical condition of players.

Puck Line

Another popular ice hockey bet is the Puck Line bet, which is a kind of combination bet that incorporates the Moneyline option and the Point Spread option. With the Puck Line, the leading team receives a 1.5 point deduction, while the underdogs receive a 1.5 point lead. The odds are then different from the basic Moneyline option.


If you are just starting out in ice hockey betting, the easiest bet to place is the Moneyline bet, where you have to predict the winner of the match. Before each game, we will give you odds that reflect each team’s skill level and the probability of winning based on the team’s past performance. If two teams are not evenly matched, a penalty will be awarded and give the underdogs a higher average score, increasing the competitiveness of the game and the chances of getting much more favourable odds.

60 Minute Line

A 60-minute line is a type of bet similar to the moneyline. However, it includes only the result at the end of 3 periods and therefore includes the tie option. For example, if Toronto is playing New Jersey, bettors can bet on the Toronto team to win in 60 minutes, New Jersey to win in 60 minutes, or the tie at the end of 60 minutes.


You must predict whether or not the goals scored in the match will exceed a given line (plus/minus). There are usually two markets, a two-way market, consisting of disabled lines and a three-way market which has three possible outcomes: goals over, under, or exact than the line offered.


A parlay is a unique sports bet that represents a combination of two or even more bets. This can include the next:

  • point spreads
  • moneylines
  • totals
  • futures
  • prop bets

The advantage of this bet is the opportunity to receive a bigger payoff than picking a single team to win. But there is more to these types of bets because each “leg” of the parlay must not lose to win. If one leg loses, the whole parlay loses.

Grand Salami

Grand Salami, which is very popular in the NHL, consists of betting on the total number of goals in all games on a given day. It’s hard to guess, but it’s still a lot of fun to do because it gives you the opportunity to run a hockey TV marathon!


These are bets that are placed on future events. For example, a long-term bet that could predict who will win the Stanley Cup final or even which two teams will be the finalists.

Prop bets

Prop bets, also known as propositional bets, this type of bet includes a range of different bets: which players will score, how many goals a team will score, which player will score the most goals, etc.

Live/In-Game Betting

Live betting begins after a game has started. They are an attractive option because the odds and lines change throughout the game as these factors are usually changed, so bettors can adjust their own bets.

Hockey betting tips and strategies

Sports betting is entertainment for many people. Although it is a game of chance, it is important to use certain strategies and hockey betting tips to have a better chance of winning. One of the most popular sports for players is hockey. In the following, here are some tips on how to successfully bet on the National Hockey League.


Successfully placing winning hockey bets depends on many factors, not least of which is your knowledge of the sport and careful and controlled betting management. However, there are some betting tips for hockey that can help you become a better hockey bettor:

Analyze the team schedule: The National Hockey League (better known as the NHL) plays at a high pace, sometimes several games a week. Naturally, teams choose to prioritize certain games over others. This is an important fact to keep in mind when betting on hockey.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of each team: To make hockey bets, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team in a league, both overall and player by player. To do this, you can look at statistical analyses of previous games, for example.


Seasons are tough on players, as they have to play an average of 80 games. This could have an impact on their fitness. To keep an eye on the players’ physical condition in your team, you will need to check the NHL news regularly. You also need to check the lineups before the start of each game.


If you really want to maximize your winnings when betting on the NHL, you need to find out about the main players’ form, especially the goalie, who plays an important role. In addition, you should check the team’s recent results and look at the list of suspended or injured players. You should also take into account the individual statistics, the context of the match, and the transfers.

Line movement

Discover the latest NHL betting line movement. Find up-to-date odds, lines, spreads, and picks. When the line moves in one direction or in another, that’s a line movement. Lines often move in sports betting. It is a rare case when the line stays exactly where it was opened by the sportsbooks.


Pay particular attention to the referee who will be calling the match. Just as the players have their own individual style of play, so do the referees in assessing the game. That is why when selecting the match you will be betting on. It is important also to consider all the characteristics of the referee.

Free picks

You can find NHL picks throughout the whole season, including playoffs for you to place NHL wagers on. Find betting free picks tips for the National Hockey League, which will help you to make the right bet.

Situational spot bets

Situational betting is a strategy that concentrates on finding value in situations that generally lead to profits. These situations are believed to be trend-based or trend-related. The core aspect of this betting type is to concentrate not on the stats and numbers but on the human factors that usually influence the game.

Most Common Hockey Betting Mistakes

If you are new to hockey betting online, you will make mistakes from time to time. Don’t expect perfection! Even if you follow all the tips we give you in our sports betting guide, it is inevitable that you will make at least a few mistakes.

As long as you learn from your mistakes, you can look at every mistake as something positive. If every mistake you make is new, it is also a sign that you are making progress.

Not knowing the players playing

The main basis for betting is the success of the team. This is also one of the basic mistakes. If you don’t study the players, their strengths, possible injuries, and playing strategies, you are unlikely to make a winning bet. 

Mismanaging your bankroll

If you don’t have a balance sheet today, I invite you to use Bet Bankroll. You even have a simple Excel file. You have quite a few Excel files where you can simply have all your betting history. This will allow you to know where you are profitable, where you are not profitable, where you are good, where you are not good. So, keep track of your balance sheets.


What are the primary bets on hockey?

If you sign up for a sports betting site specializing in ice hockey, there are many different bets available to you. The most primary bats on hockey are: moneyline bet, over/under bet, and betting on scorers.

What are some of the other ways to bet on NHL games?

Sportsbooks give an opportunity to use different bet options. You can place Player Prop bets, where you bet on one specific player’s goals, assists, points, or a number of definite stats.

What are betting limits on hockey?

A limit is a maximum amount that a sportsbook allows its bettors to wager on a given game or event.

How much is a bet on the odds to win the Stanley Cup?

Bookmakers determine the betting odds for the next Stanley Cup season every year. You can find them on the official websites, where you can place your own bets.